The Young Company


All shows on Sundays, 7:30PM at Lunchbox Theatre.

Dirty Laundry: The Next Generation:  Every Sunday from October 27th to December 8th (with no show November 17th)  and  every Sunday February 23rd to April 5th (no show March 15th).

What is Dirty Laundry: The Young Company? Professional performers from the Dirty Laundry company will be mentoring some of Calgary's emerging young improvisers (ages 13-18), giving them an opportunity to hone their skills in a professional environment. Dirty Laundry The Next Generation will perform twice monthly on Sunday nights, starting on September 23rd, 2018.

We hold auditions every year for the Young Company! So stay tuned to our social media/website for information about the auditions for the 2019/2020 season!


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the cast of the 2018/2019 Young Company!

After seeing nearly 70 applicants, we are pleased to present the cast of Generic Hospital. Comprised of new members and returning members, we couldn't be more excited to welcome this vibrant group of young performers to the stage!




Aiden has been acting since the age of 6. In fact, his first professional play was across the hall from Lunchbox in Vertigo Theatre. He is very excited to be apart of this years Dirty Laundry’s season; Generic Hospital.



Alex is very outgoing, exciting and ambitious. His love of acting came at age 12 when he participated in his schools annual musical. Alex has a very genuine heart and a quick mind. His continuing education and participation in theatre have helped develop his craft and will help to continue the growth of his talent.





Emma is a grade 10 student at Cochrane High School and is very excited to be returning to Dirty Laundry: The Young Company for her second season. Some of her favourite roles include Gaston in Beauty and the Beast Jr, Sebastian in The Little Mermaid Jr, (both at Storybook Theatre) and ensemble in her school’s production of Oliver! She also enjoys photography, drawing, writing, and playing with her younger siblings.


Elijah is thrilled to join the cast of Dirty Laundry: The Young Company! Elijah's first show was as an extra in a Filipino TV show called '100 Days To Heaven'- episode 24. He first joined the cast of Dirty Laundry: Young Company as a special guest in their 'Stranger Soaps' episodes. He is very excited to re-join the cast!




Kal is excited to join this season of Dirty Laundry: The Young Company! Kal has been immersed in the fine arts since age five, whether that's acting, dancing, or singing. Currently, he is in the Performing Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance programs at Central Memorial High School, where his credits include "Almost, Maine." and "Treasure Island." His High School improv. team has also competed at the Loose Moose Theatresports tournament, where for the past two years his school has made finals! Most recently he has started acting on camera, where his short film "The Receipt" went to the Calcutta International Film Festival, other credits include "Pechman and His Payroll" and "Cor Values." Kal also competed at the Skills Alberta event this year in public speaking, where on a provincial level he received bronze! He just hopes that "Generic Hospital" will make his parents proud of him for finally becoming a Doctor.


Kenzie Rigel is in Grade 8 at the Calgary Arts Academy and she loves all aspects of performing. Her creative pursuits include voice, piano, musical theatre, and acting. She is thrilled to be a part of Dirty Laundry: The Young Company and is looking forward to a great season with the crew!




Kristi McQuade is thrilled to be back performing in Dirty Laundry: The Young Company for her fifth and final season! Kristi has been acting and performing onstage, on film, and improvising for about 6 years and hopes to get her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Acting after high school. You can see Kristi onstage in the production of 'Into The Woods' at Storybook Theatre this summer.


Maggie is a grade 12 student passionate about improv, pugs, and intersectional feminism. This is her second year as a Young Company cast member and she couldn't be more excited. She partook in the 2018 Obviously Improv games with her wicked teammate & fellow Dirty Laundry Young Company cast member, Natalie Marshall, on a Young Company team. She also performs at Loose Moose Theatre on nights when the thrills of math homework haven't left her enthralled, (wow! polynomials!) including the 2018 High School Theatresports Tournament with YC cast member Rosemary Morrison, former cast member Natalia Cortes and 2018 Young Company guest star, Aidan Laudersmith. Maggie also gets involved with her school and the Calgary community on various social action initiatives. Participating in the Women's March, March for Our Lives rally and the Calgary Pride Parade are just a few of many of her past endeavours.


Mari is an actress and a Grade 4 Royal Conservatory of Music piano and vocal student. She enjoys reading, as well as spontaneously bursting into song and dance. Mari's theatre experience started when she acted in "A Christmas Carol" at Long Beach Theatre, almost four years ago. A lot has changed since then, one big thing is that she doesn't live in California anymore, but Mari has grown in many different ways, and she has performed in several plays with Calgary Young People's Theatre. Mari is super excited to be a part of Dirty Laundry's amazing Young Company, and the production of "Generic Hospital!"

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Megan is a student at the Springbank High School. She joined Dirty Laundry: The Young Company in 2017 as a re-occurring Guest Star (Stranger Soaps) playing the role of Cody Myers. Megan loves performing on stage, reading and writing, figure skating, playing popular music on piano and singing. Megan speaks French and is learning Spanish. Megan has performed in various school stage productions since pre-school, most recently as Katie (Stagecraft the Video Game). During summer break, Megan enjoys attending WordsWorth, a creative writing residency for youth, hosted by the Writer’s Guild of Alberta.


Natalie is thrilled to be improvising with Dirty Laundry again for her fourth season. She has done improv with the Kinkonauts, Loose Moose (during High school theatre sports this year and last year), and Obviously improv (on the YC team at the Improv Games). Natalie has been involved with theatre and film in Calgary since Grade 5. She has been on stage with Theatre Calgary, ATP, Cowtown Opera, ACT, CYPT, Storybook Theatre, and has appeared in the films The Weather, Cor Values, and Payroll. Natalie is attending Central Memorial as part of their drama PVA program. She is learning ASL, loves spending time with friends, and spending money on coffee.




Rosemary is in grade 11 at Western Canada High School. She has been doing improv for four years. This is her second year being a part of The Young Company. She competed in the 2018 Loose Moose High School Improv Tournament. She’s also very active in drama at Western, and was in the fall production of Hamlet last year.


Ruby is in grade 11 at Western Canada High School. She has been doing improv for 2 years. She has participated in the 2018 Loose Moose High School Improv Tournament as well as various other preformanes with Loose Moose. She’s also very involved with Western’s drama program, and was in their recent fall production of Hamlet.


Ryleigh has been involved in acting for 7 years, most recently being apart of the production "Other Worlds" put on by Central Memorial's PVA program. She is incredibly excited to be apart of Dirty Laundry's Young Company as well, having been a guest last year and having a great time! She has also spent most of her time doing technical theatre for her school and has very recently discovered the incomparable joy of writing in third person.


Tory Martin is a 17 year old student at FFCA High School. She loves anything to do with the performing arts and will take any opportunity to sing, dance and act. She has performed in the Storybook Theatre SSIP Program for the past 4 years and is looking forward to pursuing a career in the performing arts after university. When not at home, or at the theatre, Tory can be found reading or working at her beloved job as a Starbucks barista.

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Hi I’m Umair, I’ve been acting since I was in grade 6 (6 years now) I’ve always had a passion for acting but I’ve really gotten into it since high school, I’m super pumped to be in my first year of The Young Company and I cannot wait to meet my fellow cast :)


Zach received his first acting performance on stage in pre-school, and has come a long ways since. Now he performs music, dance, scripted plays, improv, and no longer has stage fright. Whether he is playing one of his favourite sports or presenting 'Alice through the looking glass' as Tweedledum, Zach always brings energy and laughter to his environment. He has received awards for his jazz guitar solos, won prizes in dance, snowboard and mountain bike competitions, and could not be more eager nor electrified to help Dirty Laundry présent this years improv theme: Generic Hospital.